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Here's what people are saying about IMPAX monitors:

"There are no other technologies that offer this level of process control, instantaneous recognition, and error recording."
United Technologies, Zanesville, OH

"Our abnormal jams and part ejection smash-ups are no longer an issue with the IMPAX."
Silgan Container, Iowa Division

"Simply put, our production increased and our downtime decreased."
ITW Shakeproof, Oconomowoc, WI

The IMPAX/SK 4 has eliminated this inspection issue, as the header is stopped at the first occurrence of the turned part... It catches the problem at the source and stops the heading process to allow us to correct the problem at manufacturing. This capability of the IMPAX/SK 4 is absolutely necessary for us to maintain the required level of productivity and zero defects for our customer.
Omni-Lite Industries, Cerritos CA

"With the new monitors we have increased production by running machines during breaks and ghost shifts. I feel comfortable leaving the machines now that the units can watch for problems and shut down if things go wrong."

"Clients are really happy with the quality level and consistent production. Chargebacks and returns are down."

"We haven't had any smash ups since the monitors were installed. We saved a lot of money on machine damage costs and increased output because of less down time."

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