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IMPAX Training Courses

The following courses are available at our location, or can be presented at your facilities by one of our technicians.

Description Length Site
Operator's Training I 4 Hours PTG Office or Client
Operator's Training II 4 Hours PTG Office or Client
Supervisor's Training I & II 4 Hours PTG Office or Client
Advanced Maintenance Training 8 Hours PTG Office Only
Network Training 8 Hours PTG Office Only
Operator Training I
The primary focus is on educating the client's operators on the key concepts related to the IMPAX and IMPAX/SK Monitors and their software. Emphasis will be on understanding why the monitor does what is does and how. Operators will be trained on proper Sensitivity and Quantity Setups as well as interpreting the messages relayed by the units. No previous monitoring experience is necessary.
Operator Training II
This session is a follow-up to the primary operator training. Critical emphasis is on how to utilize the enhanced features in the software. Special attention will be paid to interpreting why the software is different and how these differences relate to benefits. A primary IMPAX and IMPAX/SK operator training course is mandatory.
Supervisor Training I and II
This course is limited to only supervisors and/or maintenance personnel who are responsible for implementing and supporting an IMPAX and IMPAX/SK Process Monitoring program. Emphasis is on utilizing the software and the proper procedures for programming and defining machine setups. Software diagnostics will also be introduced and explained.
Advanced Maintenance Training
The focus of the Maintenance Training session is on the proper troubleshooting of the key IMPAX and IMPAX/SK componentry. Our technical staff will fully explain the specific hardware and software functions of each circuit board and highlight the critical key components. This course is available to only those clients who have a firm knowledge of the IMPAX and IMPAX/SK Systems. A basic understanding of board-level electronics will be required.
Network Training
This is a specialized session open to users of the Data Collection Networks. Special attention will be paid to the installation and setup phases of the network. This training will overview the capabilities of the Network System and highlight the Data Collection functions. A knowledge of Windows 95/98/XP® and the IMPAX and IMPAX/SK Software structure will be required. Since proper installation procedures are critical, this course should be completed before the Network System is installed.
Video-Stream Training
Video Conferencing is now available via Skype services for operator, supervisor and advanced training. Please contact PTG, Inc. for further information.

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