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IMPAX Teleservice

Teleservice Allows Remote Troubleshooting
Teleservice Allows
Remote Troubleshooting

Recognizing the importance of immediate field service response, IMPAX/SK monitors support a service feature that allows our technicians to remotely access any IMPAX/SK monitor without the expense associated with a technician visiting your plant. When a problem occurs, a service representative can instantly connect to the IMPAX/SK monitor and diagnose most problems within minutes.

This Teleservice feature enables our technicians to connect to your IMPAX/SK unit to remotely diagnose problems, verify setup configurations, and change operating parameters to improve the performance of your system. The Teleservice link is the easiest way to quickly diagnose problems and develop an action plan for addressing the true problem.

Teleservice: Remote Access by Wireless Internet

Remote Diagnostics and Real-time Interaction
Remote Diagnostics and
Real-time Interaction

Using a laptop provided by PTG with wireless Internet access, a technician can now not only view and make changes to your IMPAX/SK equipment, but can update software and even view questionable sensor signals within available on-line PC oscilloscope. A camera is also provided to add real-time visual feedback of the application to assist even further in the diagnosis of a problem. With assistance from the customer and on-linechat on the screen, the PTG technician can communicate live real-time instructions to solve a problem quickly, all via the Internet. Critical set-up changes can also be made without having to send in the IMPAX/SK system for service.

The Wireless Teleservice kit only requires good cellphone reception near the IMPAX/SK monitor. The kit includes the following:

  • PTG-provided laptop computer
  • IMPAX/SK diagnostic software
  • Laptop wireless Internet card

Saving Money

A typical session of wireless Teleservice costs $300.00 per day, plus the cost of shipping the laptop to and from your facility. This includes 3 hours per day of online real-time service, and a detailed report showing repairs and recommendations. Additional time is available at an hourly rate.

This cost compares very favorably, compared to the cost of having a field technician visit your plant, which could include the cost of airfare or rental car, travel and living expenses, and an in-plant labor rate!

Monitors Supported:

Teleservice by wireless Internet is supported by all IMPAX/SK 1, 2, 4C, 5, 7 BBX and 100 monitors.


IMPAX/SK Teleservice Instructions
(full instructions also come with the Wireless Teleservice kit)

Further Information

Please contact us for more information regarding Teleservice, or to schedule a Teleservice session.

"This has been a great feature for us and proven to be an invaluable tool. We have not had to have an on-site service visit since. A real time and money saver."

- Vico Products

"With the help of the SK-Teleservice, I was able to diagnose and solve monitoring issues I was having in our threading process. It saved us money and time by not having to bring a service technician into our shop. It's the next best thing to a service man you can get."

- Acument Camcar L.L.C.

"Teleservice provides the input that we need from tech support at Process Technologies Group. With this service, we are able to interpret the data in real time as the machine is running, and modify tooling or machine set up, with the immediate results of the process change visible via the on-line tech support. This is an impressive added-value service to the IMPAX/SK 4."

- Omni-Lite Industries

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