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IMPAX Teleservice Instructions

These instructions explain how to use the IMPAX Wireless Teleservice kit. Please follow these instructions when you receive the kit, to help us troubleshoot any problems.

  1. Place the laptop computer in a safe area away from possible damage. Connect the power cord and grey cable (USB: Serial Interface) in the bottom USB slot near the power connector. Attach the other side of the cream colored cable to the DB 9-pin connector on the back of the SK monitor (The cable is labeled).
  2. Turn the laptop on and allow to completely boot-up into Windows (approximately 1.5 minutes). Insert the Verizon Wireless card face up in the port marked with an arrow on the laptop.
  3. Double-click the VZ Access Manager on the desktop and then click the Web (Earth) icon. A box will appear and ask you to connect; Select "Yes."
  4. When a web connection is established, Internet Explorer will appear and show our website (
  5. Please call our office and inform the person who answers that you are awaiting a Tele-Service connection and identify the company you are with.

A PTG service representative will now connect to your SK monitor and perform all necessary diagnostics and may contact you via a text chat box on the PC or phone requiring further input to the monitor and machine.After our observations are complete, that representative will contact you with their findings and recommendations.

When the laptop is no longer required, please shut down Windows, disconnect all cables and securely package back in the shipping container. Please ship back UPS RED to our address.

Use the PTG, Inc. UPS number with a $1000.00 insurance coverage. All shipping charges will appear on your invoice.

This laptop and associated peripherals are the property of PTG, Inc. Any damage or loss of equipment is the customer's responsibility.

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