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Shop Floor Monitoring
Shop Floor Monitoring

Shop Floor Monitoring
Shop Floor Monitoring

Any production monitoring system is only as good as the information it gathers. The IMPAX TSS Systems combine state-of-the-art touch screen technology with powerful software to track production and downtime for all factory processes.

Using our TSS technology means that all machine data is tracked. Basic information such as production counts and machine speed are tracked along with machine uptime and downtime. In addition, OEE values are continuously being generated.

The IMPAX TSS units can be connected to any production machine. The system receives an input for every "good" part that the machine makes, and it uses this information to track production counts and other shop floor data.

When a machine stops, the TSS starts tracking downtime and prompts the operator to respond. A downtime code must be entered in order for the machine to be restarted. All data logged into the TSS awaits a prompt from the TSS-NET Software.

The TSS-NET supports automatic data collection from each TSS unit. Machine data and downtime logs are collected daily and part and operator data is collected whenever a parts/jobs are completed, whenever an operators logs in, or other part/job parameters such as speed or material changes.

Data can be collected via an Ethernet network and stored in a comma-delimited format so it can be imported into Excel or other programs for further analysis.

This system enables any user to get up to the minute information about the shop floor machinery to fine-tune their manufacturing processes resulting in increased productivity, quality, and profitability.


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