Machine Monitoring Solutions Providing Tool, Quality & Production Control

Custom Services

IMPAX Monitors have the ability to work with virtually any type of machine, since they can accept input from a wide variety of sensor types. Almost any automatically-driven or hand-fed part can be monitored and tracked. Custom sensors can also be used to count cycles, boxes, batches, lengths, movements, and more.

On top of this adaptability, IMPAX systems can be customized to meet specific needs and to best work with individual applications. For example, IMPAX monitors have been been customized to:

  • Use specialized sensors, encoders, probes, and gauges
  • Support specialized workflow, such as verifying piece quality or recording maintenance
  • Calculate custom efficiency numbers, including OEE and Six Sigma metrics
  • Log additional shop floor data, such as machine adjustments, or special job data
  • Generate custom reports, for continuous improvement or supervisory review
  • Display in foreign languages, such as Spanish, Polish, or French

We will work with you to make any necessary modifications so that our monitors fulfill your application's requirements. For examples of how IMPAX products have been adapted for specific uses, refer to Articles & App Notes.