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PTG's Main Office
PTG's main office

IMPAX: Process Monitoring and Data Collection

Process Technologies Group, Inc. (PTG) is the designer and manufacturer of IMPAX process monitors, productivity monitors, data collection software, and piezo-electric force sensors. Our monitors and software provide real-time application-specific solutions for measuring, improving, protecting, and analyzing a variety of processes and production systems.

Our mission is to supply superior monitoring products and services to help improve your manufacturing processes. We believe in the maxim, "If you measure it, it will improve." We are dedicated to finding innovative ways to measure your application, so that we can improve its productivity and profitability.

IMPAX Technologies

Our IMPAX process monitors have held a strong position within the metal forming, stamping, and cutting industries for the past 20 years, with over 6000 successful installations. PTG is a market leader in the fastener industry in the United States, and also markets its monitoring expertise abroad. IMPAX process monitors use a patented algorithm to learn the correct force profile for a process, and then monitor that process. They make use of peak and area-under-curve analysis to provide robust consistency and machine protection.

PTG also offers products for efficiency and productivity monitoring, in the IMPAX Time Saver System. These monitors combine extensive data tracking with a user-friendly interface, to create a powerful machine efficiency and downtime tracking system. Time Saver monitors work as stand-alone units and are also networkable, forming a flexible and powerful production monitoring and downtime analysis system.

SK's Weingarten, Germany Office
SK's Weingarten, Germany office

PTG also provides IMPAX/SK process monitors, via partnership with German monitoring company Schwer+Kopka GmbH. These monitors use a proprietary high-speed digital signal processor system, and provide advanced software features. These monitors are sold in the Americas under the IMPAX/SK Technologies label, and in Europe under the Schwer+Kopka label. The cooperative partnership of PTG and SK has been recognized for its innovative designs and technical excellence. From its inception, IMPAX/SK Technologies has brought to the market the unique ability to develop innovative turn-key solutions for a variety of metal forming, stamping, and cutting applications.

Working For You

IMPAX monitoring technology is the result of decades of experience. And it's our goal to provide you with complete monitoring solutions: modular lines of products capable of being upgraded from a stand-alone monitoring unit to a sophisticated multi-user networked system. We also maintain a continuing program of research and development, to find the best techniques for any industry.

In today's competitive markets, dominated by evolving technology and a demand for excellence, we can provide the solutions that your company needs. We have a strong commitment to quality, and a dedication to meet our customers' needs.

Mission Statement

To earn the respect of our clients by supplying superior products and services that help improve their manufacturing processes and products.

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If you would like to learn more about IMPAX monitors and what they can do, you may wish to read our article, About Process Monitoring. You can also contact us for more information, or refer to our product pages below: