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Benefits of Process Monitoring

Here are some of the reasons to use process monitoring technology from IMPAX:

Setup Time Savings

IMPAX process monitors can significantly reduce setup and adjustment time for your machines, by letting operators know when a machine is running consistently within established parameters.

  • Reduce setup time
  • Reduce man-to-machine ratio
  • Reduce downtime troubleshooting time

Production Savings

Process monitors help machines run more productively. They alert operators of any problems so they can be fixed quickly. IMPAX monitors also let you run machines through breaks and ghost shifts.

  • Increase production time
  • Increase quality control
  • Increase machine efficiency
  • Reduce scrap
  • Eliminate overruns

Machine/Tool Damage Savings

Using IMPAX process monitors reduces the wear to machines. Since the monitors stop the machine when a fault is found, problems that could cause damage to tooling or dies are prevented, and bad parts are detected before they pass down the line and cause more problems. Process monitors can also detect gradual wear of tooling, telling you when to replace them so they don't break while running.

  • Increase tool lifetime
  • Reduce tool wear
  • Reduce machine downtime
  • Eliminate machine smashups

Post-Production Savings

IMPAX monitors can track production data by shift, by part, and by operator. This means that you will have complete information on orders and parts, and jobs will be ready faster and will have higher quality.

  • Reduce sorting costs
  • Reduce order contamination
  • Reduce customer returns, charge backs

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We're confident that if you choose IMPAX process monitors, you'll be happy you did. Please feel free to contact us for more information, or to schedule a product demonstration at your facility.