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Process Monitoring for Stamping Applications

By: Process Technologies Group, Inc.
Topics: Stamping, Embedded/In-tool Sensors, IMPAX-SK

Using in-tool force sensors in a stamping press, for defect detection and die protection

IMPAX-SK's cost-effective sensor technology now allows you to embed intelligent in-tool sensing into any stamping die set, for more sensitive and consistent detection of defects, and for enhanced protection of the machine and the die.

In-tool Die Sensors
Intelligent In-tool Sensor Technology

The benefits of in-tool sensing include:

  • Significantly improved error detection
  • Easy identification of error location
  • Enhanced monitoring of critical tools
  • Measurement of both force and acoustic signals
  • Cost effective sensor installation
Diagram of Piezo Sensor Positions
Embedded Piezoelectric Sensors:
Piezo discs and cartridges are embedded near critical tools,
to sense press force and acoustic signals right at the work site.

The in-tool sensors are easy-to-install piezoelectric sensors. They can be placed throughout a die, close to critical tool sites. The sensors' shapes can be altered to match die space requirements.

It is easy to retrofit all of your die sets with in-tool sensing: no calibration is necessary with IMPAX-SK's piezoelectric sensors. And once installed, there is no added change-over time, due to the sensors' quick-disconnect technology, with built-in automatic sensor recognition.

IMPAX/SK Press Monitor
IMPAX/SK Press Monitor

Company and Product Profile

IMPAX/SK Monitors use process enveloping to provide the highest quality process monitoring. They also have advanced production tracking capabilities, an easy-to-use visual interface, and many enhanced software features.
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Process Technologies Group, Inc. (PTG) designs and manufactures process monitors, efficiency monitors, sensors, and data collection software for all production environments.
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