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Improving Profitability with the IMPAX Time Saver System

By: Process Technologies Group, Inc.
Topics: Productivity, Downtime Analysis, Profitability, IMPAX TSS

The IMPAX Time Saver System provides the keys to increased productivity and profit

IMPAX TSS Time Saver Monitor
IMPAX TSS Time Saver Monitor

The keys to increased productivity and profit are true and timely process information. The IMPAX Time Saver System (TSS) provides this information, and enables better profitability on the shop floor and in the business office. The TSS delivers accurate information on shop floor processes in real-time, and lets managers use this data to gain a deep understanding of how their profit is generated, how the process can be improved, and where any corrective actions need to be made.

Here is an overview of how these benefits are provided by the Time Saver System:

Production Counts:

  • True production is counted, eliminating hand-counting.
  • Displayed production data motivates operators to work more efficiently.
  • An order counter eliminates job overruns, and allows operators to prepare upcoming jobs in advance, reducing downtime between jobs.
  • Tooling counters reveal true tool life, allow the use of tools to their full lifetimes, and provide cost-justifications for tooling repairs and redesigns.
  • Maintenance counters mean PM and service are scheduled just-in-time, saving on unnecessary maintenance.
  • Scrap counters keep a record of material that was wasted.


  • Efficiencies are calculated and displayed, helping operators reach a productivity target.
  • Efficiency data identifies machine problems in real-time, not after-the-fact.

Uptimes and Downtimes:

  • Uptime/downtime data is tracked automatically, eliminating operator self-reporting and estimation, resulting in a true picture of machine usage and production.
  • Downtime reason logging identifies common and time-consuming problems, so that these bottleneck issues can be addressed.
  • Downtime logs provides cost-justifications for upgrades and other corrective actions.
  • Downtime data identifies previously-unreported lost time or idle periods.

Response times:

  • Operator response time tracked, showing how quickly operators respond to problem conditions.

CAD files and documents:

  • Part diagrams and operating procedures can be viewed at the machine, eliminating paperwork and document loss.

Real-time Shop Status View:

  • TSS-NET software provides a real-time view of the whole shop.
  • Real-time data allows for immediate problem identification and correction, so problems can be addressed quickly, without requiring trips to the shop floor.
  • Real-time OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) identifies and diagnoses production problems as they occur.

Data collection and Reporting:

  • Historical data for each machine provides a complete audit of machine productivity.
  • Automatic data collection eliminates manual data entry and transcribing errors.
  • Historical reports identify trends in performance and jobs.
  • Part/job reports show which parts are most profitable, versus those with chronic problems.
  • Operator reports show which operators perform best, which help the bottom line the most, and which may need additional training.

Company and Product Profile

IMPAX TSS Monitors combine PLC technology and user-friendly software in a powerful machine efficiency and downtime tracking system. TSS monitors work as stand-alone units and are also networkable, forming a powerful production monitoring and downtime analysis system.
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Process Technologies Group, Inc. (PTG) designs and manufactures process monitors, efficiency monitors, sensors, and data collection software for all production environments.
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